The Musical Stylings Of (2010)

The Musical Stylings Of - Album Cover
    1. Old Man Cabbage
    2. Mean Mean Man
    3. Auld Lang Syne (Intro)
    4. This Modern World
    5. Oh Angela!
    6. Without You
    7. The Lonesome Truth
    8. Hookers On The Rag
    9. Checked Out Early
    10. Snakes In The Hall
    11. A Demon Like Me
    12. Waiting for the Band
    13. March of The Hookers
    14. Kitchen Rag

Old Man Cabbage

Verse I
Between the grave yard and the railroad tracks
I live alone here in this shotgun shack
The kids walk past and they all look with fear
and I’m the only ghost in here

I tune into the radio
kinda wish I had a bag of bones
So I could dance to the ragtime show
cause I got nobody but I still got sould
I’m old man cabbage you should know me well
I keep them all awake here when I scream and yeall

It sounds like
Ahhhhhhh ahhhhh

Verse II
Unpacked my bags I moved in just last night
I’m just a traveler, need a place to hide
and then I heard the whisper in my ear say
I’m the only ghost in here

It came through on the radio
So loud that it chilled my bones
The vaudeville and a ragtime show
I’m a young man living with an old man’s soul
That old man cabbage, he was found here dead but
I still hear him singing while I’m lying in bed


Verse III
I’ll take your body I will take your hand
I’ll wear your skin and I will make your plans
The man you were will all but disappear
and I’m still the only ghost in hear

I tune in to the radio
Turn it up and then I shake my bones
Vaudeville and a ragtime show

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Mean Mean Man

Verse I
Oh you know I hate to see you crying
but if you my leaving you can just go see if there’s a whole for you to crawl and die in
All the ways, you spit in my face
You know that those days are through
and now I’m going round town cutting off dead wait
and the first thing that came to my mind was you

I’m starting a whole new band
playing drums on a old gas can
dancing on a bridge with a match in my hand
I’m a mean mean man

Verse II
About four thirty I get my hands dirty and the job but I feel locked in jail
I’m getting no respect from a fat drunk man I got a boss who was spawned from hell
I said it was a crap job so I took off
Lord and that was all she wrote
but it may me feel better took my resignation letter and shoved it right down their throat


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This Modern World

Verse I
Happy New Year girls
I said “Your prince has arrived”
with my head hung out on the passenger side
Howling like a dog at the moon
I know the clock is going strike here soon
I see the signs of desperation
through the holiday gloom and all the signs of desperation through the holiday gloom
and my dollar isn’t worth a dime in these peculiar times

I’m gonna find myself a woman
Gonna start myself a fight
I’m gonna hate myself tomorrow but I love myself tonight
You’ll know me as the toast of the town
Tonight this modern world won’t bring me down

Verse II
I’m an optimistic guy
I don’t dwell on the past
Good news, this year can’t be worse than the last
Don’t know why I came here at all
when every day I go on dropping the ball
But I sing like Sinatra and move like Fred Astaire
drinking champagne dancing on the tables and chairs
and knocking over bottles and cans
baby I’m your man


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Oh Angela!

Oh Angela
Oh Angela
Two timing, lying woman have you no shame
Oh Angela
Oh Angela
Sweet like a peach but you’ve got ice in your veins

I fell in love I was on top of the world
I wanna tell my best friend about this brand new girl
She don’t smoke, she don’t drink
We met at church in the pew
He said, “Wait that sounds like my girl, her name’s Angela too”
We started talking on a bottle of gin
and every night she wasn’t with me she was out there with him
Now we cursed the girl’s name every time that we pour
Pulling kisses from the bottle turned out sweeter than her


The night went on and we were drowning our pain
I was steaming and chugging like a south bound train
I noticed a man was walking into the room
He had the same sad face and expression of gloom
I turned around and then I noticed real fast
That every man there in the room was crying into his glass
They were drinking for a girl and shouting her name
Everybody in the bar all shouted out the same thing


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Without You

Verse I
The sun has started fading like an old tattoo
wonder how much longer I can keep my cool
phone is always ringing but it just ain’t you while I
wait and I sigh

and I lay here dreaming but I sure ain’t sleeping
without you
without you

Verse II
So I wake up in the morning start drinking my wine
Strum this old guitar let it do my crying
Everyday without you is a waste of my time while I
wait and I sigh


I was alone and fooled about
I thought that I could live without
Any girl or a woman that until I was falling for you
I never thought that I’d say
please girl stay


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The Lonesome Truth

Verse I
I’ve been waiting for your returning
I’m dreaming of your face until it appears
Nothing warm except the stove burning
and nothing singing accept the ring in my ears

I’m living alone as a godless man
So torn in between
of what I believe and understand
and none of that can bring you back

I cried on the mound to grieve you
Lied facing the ground to breathe you
but all that I found
was the lonesome truth

Verse II
A dirge is playing out my window
the drums are beating like the day of the dead
Time without you marches so slow when
You’re all I needed now you’re all that I had

These shaking hands
they are to blame
So losing their grip
or else I would hold you just the same
but none of this can bring you back


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Checked Out Early

Verse I
I woke up staring at a dead man’s toe
took off the tag to pack my bags and go
I wrote you a note and nailed it to the front door
South bound now and I don’t live here no more
The broken mirror’s in your bathroom drawer
When the devil comes knocking wondering wear I’m at
Say I checked out early and I ain’t coming back

Verse II
Gold horn blowing from the center of town
Tried to walk when my shoe sole melts to the ground
I looked to the sun, it never shined on me
Dark clouds hanging and they just won’t leave
I get the feeling every time I breathe
Like I’m sucking in soot until my lungs turn black
and I checked out early and I ain’t coming back

Verse III
Got my thumbs out river side hitching a ride
Picked up by an oil tanker nine miles high
I went to the top to give him my last dime
Stood up on the deck to watch the wake from behind
Looked like a tidal wave of mud and grime
who would have thought that I would get the last laugh
when I checked out early and I ain’t coming back

No I ain’t coming back!

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A Demon Like Me

When you mess with a demon like me
you might regret if you try
Donʼt be ashamed you ainʼt the first to play the game
Iʼm sure that most would fall in love with your lies

When you mess with a demon like
youʼll get just what you deserve
Iʼm telling you, you bit off more that you can chew
I am every bit as bad as you heard

I will call your bluff and turn up the cards
Your pretty face ainʼt enough to burden my heart
Devil help you girl cause soon youʼre gonna see

You shouldnʼt mess with a demon like me
Just keep your eye on the door
You might decide that youʼll be better off alive and
maybe nothings fair in love or in war

When you mess with a demon like me
youʼll get just what you deserve
Iʼm telling you, you bit off more that you can chew
and I am every bit as bad as you heard

I will call your bluff and turn up the cards
Your pretty face ainʼt enough to burden my heart
Devil help you girl cause soon youʼre gonna see
You never messed with any demon like me
Save your face and save your pride
Save those tears youʼll try to cry
and maybe youʼll think twice before you go try to ever
mess with a demon like me

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Waiting for the Band

Verse I
This life has got me so lonely
Maybe you’re lonely too
I’d like to love you, I don’t know who you are
but I sure won’t find you staring holes in the wall
I know some say

When it hits you…,
You’ll hear music on parade
Until that time, I’ll just be singing alone
and waiting for the band to play

Verse II
I got to shake off these demons
My heart is beaten and bruised
Or I can die here in this ugly motel
Face down in the bed from an attack of the blues


When the band strikes that big bass drum
I’m going to get back onto my feet, yeah
I’ll be the big man
Where did he come from
I’m going to dance right out in the street


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March of The Hookers

Dance baby dance
They’re gonna give you all the cash in advance
and from your hips you gotta price tag selling romance
right away you’re a natural
They line up for you
All down the street around the corner in the cue
and past the pub with all the vagrants and the boozers
I’ll be sitting playing blues here on piano with the drunk and the few
and playing our favorite tune
they made a hooker out of you

Hanging out by an old street light
a nip of gin to get you through the night
toss out a hook and hope you get a bite
but you ain’t had a hit hear lately
Watching your fantasy fade away into a broken dream
lie down with dogs and you’ll wake up with disease
oh baby can you see.  Ain’t been a genius here since nineteen thirty two
you think that you were one of the few
they made a hooker out of you

I don’t know where I am
but I’m alone and just a shell of a man
I gave it all up for the one night stand
for the love of a fans admiration
It’ll rot you to the core
steal your heart and soul for sure
leave you thinner that a welcome mat on hell’s front door
you think that that would give you a clue
I’m throwing out this moniker and suddenly it did occur
that maybe baby, I’m a hooker too
I’m hearing a familiar tune
they made a hooker out of you

And maybe I’m a hookers too……..

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