State Hotel (2011)

State Hotel - Album Cover
    1. State Hotel
    2. Can’t Fake A Smile

State Hotel

Busting out in Harlem
Taking in a gambling raid
The bus took me from Memphis
heading back to New Orleans
The sun shined down in the distance
on a building made of stone and steel
The warden called behind us
Welcome to the state hotel

I checked my bags with the door man
Nothing but a stolen guitar
He took my watch said you won’t need that man
Time ain’t moving where you are
The guests all in line as we moved on in
Rhythm from the shuffle of shoes
and the bars and keys were clanking
playing me a twelve bar blues


Everyone’s and innocent
they sit collecting dust
No use in trying to change here
cause nobody ever does

Verse II

Bed down in the evening
No window in my room tonight
The guest next door is screaming
every time they turn out the lights
If you need me I’ll still be waiting here
Ain’t nobody posted my bail
Just sending postcards out to nowhere
Staying in the State Hotel


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Can’t Fake A Smile

When I’m walking with my woman
Walking hand in hand
It seems like she’s alway smiling
at every child woman and man
and she looks up to my stone face
and begins to wonder why
I just can’t fake a smile

All the freaks at the shows and the parties
They’re all tripping and drinking wine
Talking off each others heads while I’m just sitting here stuck in mine
and my friends they all say hey man
Why can you have a good time
but I just can’t fake a smile

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